"You Will Be My Witnesses"

Religious clothing


In a diverse, multicultural world that is a mix of religions and worldviews, who we are and what we identify is not at first glance obvious. In the age of "liquid modernity", when different ideologies are taking place side by side, it is extremely important to recognize in the crowd those who share the same values.

Alternative T-shirts Gloria Patri not only stand in opposition to the mainstream, enlightened design present in the streets, but also fulfill the commandment of giving witness to their faith. Nowadays, thanks to visual identification, a group with common ideals can easily be recognized in the crowds of secular images and symbols. In a big city and in a crowd it is easier to recognize your brothers and sisters with a clear graphic or print than a modest scapular or a rosary invisible to the outside. Interesting and original religious imprint can be a pretext to start a conversation and perhaps make a valuable relationship. Openly admitting to your religiosity is an element of the identity of a modern Christian; In addition to the deeds and inner gestures, it is also very important to express the sincerity of your belonging to Christ. From the lack of active witness to follow Jesus one step further to his conscious denial.

At present, no one is expecting the testimony of faith to consist in proclaiming the sermons in the main square of the city - the propagation of faith in the 21st century adopts new interesting forms. Once upon a time, Christians recognized the symbol of fish - now it could be a shirt with a pope or Archangel Michael. Christian clothing is a great way to get out of the four walls with the religious message and thus make Christians visible in public space. Thanks to the manifestation of our faith, we not only express our identity, but we also have the chance to see it by others and perhaps to know Christ. "You will be my witnesses" (Acts 1.8) The mission of the Gloria Patri shop is to encourage a proud and open sharing with the public. With their faith and views.

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